Tanya Campbell

Tanya is a beautifully gifted healer.  She has a kind, balanced feminine energy signature that allows her clients to relax, let go and embrace healing on all levels.  She has been seeking out and training in many healing modalities for over a decade.  An avid student, she is always welcoming more healing practices and deeper understanding and knowledge from both ancient and modern perspectives. For many years she has known that her calling was to be healer, though wasn’t sure which avenue to direct that energy as a career.  Her education in Interior Design and Art History became an outlet where she used her intuitive skills to create environments that both uplift and soothe their occupants.  Thankfully continued training in Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Huna and Neuro Linguistic Programming has given her the confidence to step into her Healer role on a more personal level.  She sees her role in healing as a facilitator or conduit, simply allowing what hinders to leave and what supports to enter. 


Your Vibe attracts your Tribe and your Tribe is waiting for you…Come on let’s go!


Available Services

A Sampling of Services Offered – each session is customized intuitively to the client’s highest good and highest healing

Integrated Energy Therapy


Neuro Linguistic Programming


Aromatherapy & Crystal Healing


Oracle Cards



Tanya's work is beautiful and deeply transformative. Her sessions are filled with pure Love and Angel Light.

Dannie H

Denver, CO

I've had two sessions with Tanya. Both sessions we worked on the inner path of letting go and letting be and also a physical ailment of my lower back pain. After both sessions my back was free of pain. The second session my back popped and cracked in places and in ways I hadn't felt before. It was astonishing! After you leave you feel deliciously relaxed and a little sleepy, so I favor evening sessions. I trust Tanya's intuitiveness and connectedness of her service and will continue to fold it into my regimen of self-Care. I am here for the power of intention and affirmations in all ways they show up. Thank you Tanya -You're an angel!

Amber C

Denver, CO

Tanya is an incredibly gifted healer. She is compassionate, intuitive, and very in touch with my specific needs. The insight she has provided me, along with the amazing energy work and shifts it has created in my life, is invaluable and I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend her (and have to many of my friends).

Ashton A

Venice, CA

"My session with Tanya put me in a peaceful, clean place. Calmed my anxiety significantly!"

Lisa H.

Denver, CO

Tanya is a natural born empath healer. She has an incredible gift of reading energy and can sense what areas that need to be cleared. I have had her work on me directly and remotely and my results have been outstanding. I highly recommend her services.

Amanda M.

Denver, CO

About Celestial Healings

Hello, we are happy to meet each and everyone of you and grateful to be of service. How can we support you on your journey to health and happiness? Intuitively our aim is to provide you with the perfect customized healing for you! Each client is unique and we prefer it that way. If you have aches and pains we are here to help alleviate those. Emotional challenges - (and who doesn't) we are here to lift that weight off your shoulders, lighten the load so to speak and give you a much needed break. Feeling ungrounded, hard to focus mentally? We are here to help clear the clutter, provide a new perspective, centered and focused so you can get on with your heart's desires. We truly want to raise everyone's vibration, stop beating oursleves up physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so we can embrace the beauty of this life and planet and radiate that out to infinity!


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